About Nikki

About Nikki

Nikki believes that within each of us there lies a unique treasure! Often that treasure remains hidden and as a result you and the world are a poorer place. Nikki can help you to find the key to unlock that treasure and release your gift to the world. This can happen at an individual level as well as within families, work teams and communities.

Unlike many coaches and change agents, Nikki lives in the country. Rural living has given her a deep and practical understanding of nature and the environment. This complements 30 years of experience learning about and working with health of body, mind and spirit. She understands what it is like to be a daughter, a wife, a mother, a friend, a work colleague and a part of her community.

Nikki offers coaching and training programs which facilitate transformation so that individuals, families and organisations can flourish.

Imagine if you felt energized, healthy and connected to your passion every day. What could you achieve? How would you feel?

As you evolve to your full potential, transformation occurs within and positively influences others around you both personally and professionally. You become a positive force in the world.