• ICW Resurrection!

    My website got lost! The server had been hacked and suddenly Inner Circle Work ceased to exist in cyberspace. It has been an interesting couple of months getting it back and a wonderful lesson in self awareness and team work  Read More

  • Body Wisdom

    How much do you really tune into your body? I certainly know I have a tendency to be in my head and not really tuning into the subtle lessons my body gives me til they are not so subtle! I imagine you will have heard the statistic that body language accounts for about 70% of our communication. Ever thought why and how?  Read More

  • Change Your Focus

    Some days things run smoothly and other days they don’t! Often it isn’t big stuff but little things adding up and it is easy to get the sh#$@s! For me it is often technology related things – I think that is because my tech toolkit is pretty bare. (A few feeble efforts and then a call to my dearly beloved!) I find I can easily get frustrated and focused on the problem. And like weeds, problems can appear to take over your garden of good intentions.  Read More

  • Living your Peace of the Puzzle

    One of the main things I love about working as a coach is helping people to connect to their purpose and vision so they can be doing what they love. I can remember in my own life when I was being called to change. What I was doing began to not fully satisfy me – it was like an emptiness that was inside me that was yearning to be filled.  Read More

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