Business Coaching

Business Coaching

  • Where is your business heading and who’s on board?
  • How productive is your business?
  • What’s the energy like in your workplace?
  • People are your most important asset – are they working to their full potential?

Organisations are as complex as humans themselves. Unfortunately, many older management techniques still in vogue are not brain friendly. They fail to get to the root cause of problems or address the current complexities facing your business.

Nikki can help you ‘Power Up Your Business‘. Her Power audit looks at Purpose, People and Processes so you can identify ways to nurture strengths and improve any areas that are not functioning optimally.
At Inner Circle Work, we help you define the “Why” of your business and assist you to create a more cooperative, fulfilling and productive workplace. When people feel inspired and passionate about their work, each person contributes their unique talents and skills and you have highly productive teams that are self motivated and innovative.

Modern leadership coaching uses practical tools. As a FEBI and SQ21 certified coach, Nikki can provide your organisation with key insights into areas of improvement and help you implement effective, lasting change. The results will be happier staff and customers and a more vibrant and sustainable business.

FEBI (Focus Energy Balance Indicator)

The FEBI measures individual and team traits using four fundamental energy patterns that link mind, body and behaviours. It allows you and your staff to more deeply understand their current patterns of thought and behaviour. It then shows how they can make effective changes to these patterns, leading to better performance and balance.

  • FEBI gives you insight into an individual’s supervisory style and how they can better understand, coach and delegate to others.
  • FEBI helps people to better understand themselves as well as well as how to better read and influence others and handle conflict.
  • FEBI builds empathy between your team members and helps them better understand natural group behaviour within their team. Using this knowledge, they’ll develop a more co-operative and productive way of working together.

Spiritual Intelligence SQ21

SQ21 is a powerful assessment tool used to assess and help develop deep intelligence and capability. It helps you to become a better leader, so you can thrive at work and empower those who work with you.

Spiritual Intelligence  is the ability to behave with wisdom and compassion while maintaining inner and outer peace regardless of the situation. It can  can help individuals at all levels within an organization by encouraging personal responsibility and helping to remove the drama from workplaces.

Nikki can help individuals and teams better understand themselves using an integrated system built on the latest findings in brain science and incorporating an evolutionary perspective that provides increased a deeper awareness of some of the deeper, more instinctual aspects of human nature that can hijack your better intentions when you are in time pressured and stressful situations.

To find out more about the Power Audit or how Business Coaching can help you, phone or email for a no obligation consultation with Nikki