Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

  • Going around in circles and not getting where you want to go?
  • Is life sapping your energy rather than growing it?
  • Are you living your dream or someone else’s?

Inner Circle Work can help you to wake up, re-energise and start co-creating a more authentic, fulfilling and passion filled life.

Nikki has an holistic approach to coaching. She blends a deep understanding of the body, human psyche, mindfulness and brain research to help you understand who you really are and live the type of life that will inspire you and connect you more deeply with others. We are all on an evolutionary path of growth and Nikki combines this deep time evolutionary perspective to her coaching which allows you to understand yourself and others at a completely new and empowering level.

Re-discover the real you.

Throughout childhood, adolescence and your working life, you are given many roles to play – child, parent, spouse, employee, manager – so many in fact, that you can lose sight of your true nature. You spend a lot of time absorbing ideas from other people about how you should think and live and in time you can lose sight of who you really are.
This is coupled with the fact that parts of your brain are very fast and reactive. Becoming more aware and mindful is one of the first steps towards authenticity. You begin to discover old reactive patterns and subconscious beliefs that can hijack you. With awareness, you can begin to integrate these patterns so they support your growth and progress

At Inner Circle Work, we use established, proven assessment tools (Spiritual Intelligence SQ21 and FEBI) to help you more deeply understand how you interact with others and see the world.

As you’re breaking these destructive patterns, we also help you deal with one of the major obstacles to living a creative, independent and fulfilling life – stress.

Identify and overcome the main causes of excess stress in your life.

A certain level of stress, called eustress is a good thing- it helps you grow and is an evolutionary driving force. However like anything, too much is toxic. Brain science reveals that unhealthy stress cuts off activity in the part of your brain responsible for creativity, expression and complex thought. Choked off from these important faculties, lives and thought patterns can become routine, robotic and joyless. You need innovation and creativity and yet that wellspring has dried up.

Often the stressors that arise come from your interactions with others. This may be in personal relationships, family units, work or community. The human brain has grown in both size and complexity, driven largely by our need to interact and work with others. The paradox is that we need each other and yet these personal interactions are often the cause of angst! Nikki will share practical ways to minimise these stresses and create healthy collaboration.

Discover and live the life your deserve.

Vision provides the guiding light for the life you wish to lead!  Nikki will help you to create your vision. Exciting goals and motivating actions then allow you bring that vision to reality and co-create a life of joy and fulfilment.

To begin this exciting journey, phone or email for a no obligation consultation with Nikki.