Positive Parenting

Positive Parenting

  • Are you sick of nagging your kids?
  • Would you like to raise independent, responsible children?
  • How would it feel to feel calmer and have more fun with your family?

Parents play the central role in helping their children grow and flourish.

It is both a profound privilege and a daily challenge to be a parent. Nikki believes that parents and families are one of the most important co-creative forces on the planet. It can be difficult to access scientifically based and practical information on your child’s developmental abilities. And it is so easy for parents to be running on old reactive patterns particularly when stressed. Then there are the media images of the “Perfect Family” – no wonder there is anxiety and confusion!

We can show you practical parenting strategies that will help develop your child into a more responsible, mature and caring individual and take some pressure off you as a parent. Nikki’s core belief is that we each have a gift to offer the world and brain friendly parenting can help you work with your child to uncover their gift.

Most of the problems that occur in the world are a result of the interplay between victim and victor roles and this ‘game plan’ often begins during childhood. We show you how to understand yourself and your child’s behaviour so you can better respond in a way that helps them learn about emotions, actions and relationships. For instance, in their search for autonomy, many children act out and rebel. We show you ways to give your child a sense that they have choices and autonomy, without compromising your needs as a parent. We also show you how to give them a greater sense of connectedness to others and the feeling that they are being treated fairly, all of which help to develop a calmer and more compassionate personality.

We also show you how to use consequences and engagement instead of simple reward and punishment to develop their behaviour. Letting children experience the consequences of their actions whilst providing caring and meaningful explanation helps develop resilience and problem solving skills.

We show you practical and safe ways to use this consequence-based approach to create real growth in your child’s character, behaviour and mental capacities.

You’ll delight in watching them develop into mature, responsible and thoughtful individuals. Working with your child as a co-creator is a gift for both of you.

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